This year we were proud to feature TOMSON HIGHWAY and DAWN DUMONT, as part of the 2011 ANSKOHK SCHOOL TOUR.


Topics that were availble to select from, as presented by Tomson Highway:

Aboriginal literature:
The place of Aboriginal literature and writing within the context of Canadian literature and writing as a whole, particularly within the last decade. And what Aboriginal writing has done not just for Aboriginal communities (particularly visa-vis, education) but for Canadian society as a whole.

Canadian drama both Native and non-native: The explosion of home-grown theatre on the Canadian, and Native-Canadian, scenes. What it has done both for Canadian society and for Aboriginal communities across the country.

World mythology: The importance of mythology to the functioning, and the health, of societies world-wide. It's place and role in the great scheme of things.

Aboriginal mythology: The place, and the role, of Aboriginal mythology within the context of world mythology. In particular, its pivotal importance to the issue of environmental health, preservation, and survival.

Music: The remarkable (and unsung) importance of "musical literacy" in the life, and the work, of anyone and everyone, be they doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief. The visionary "boost" it can give to any and all careers.

Diversity in the work-place: The importance – the necessity – of diversity in the work-place. How it enriches and energizes the work-place, in the process, making Canadian society one of the most functional and healthy societies in the world.

Racial diversity (and harmony) as a Canadian reality, a Canadian value: The benefits to be reaped from such richness. How the future of Canada, as a result of its remarkable racial diversity, has probably the most extraordinary future among countries in the whole world. And how we can continue working towards such a goal.

Native residential schools: Effectively "memoirs of a successful Native residential school survivor." Or how I learned to stop complaining and celebrate my life.

World travel: Tales of my travels and adventures through 55 countries (and counting). World travel – and linguistic diversification thereof, linguistic versatility – as an educational and work tool of remarkable effectiveness, of extraordinary value.


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