Saskatchewan Aboriginal Writers Circle Inc.

is just a new name for all the people who have worked so hard to bring you Ânskohk in the past. 

We are still the same people, but the name has changed. 


In the Fall of 2010, after a two year hiatus, a number of First Nations and Métis writers approached the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc. (SALN) to revive the Festival and ensure its longevity.  The process of incorporation of the Ânskohk Aboriginal Writers’ Circle Inc. has begun under the guidance of the newly incorporated "SAWCI" - Saskatchewan Aboriginal Writer's Circle Inc. - and the Ânskohk Aboriginal Writers’ Festival is the main event.


The board is currently formed of talented and knowledgeable representatives from the literacy and literary communities. 

Lisa Wilson - author and educator from Gabriel Dumont Institute
Louise Halfe - author, former Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan and recipient of an Honorary Doctorate for her work Rita Bouvier, educator, author, and recipient of an Indspire Award for her work
Andréa Ledding - freelance photojournalist, editor, author, playwright and poet
Colleen Charlette - designer and writer
Simon Moccasin - writer, actor, and playwright
Kevin Wesquate - artist-in-residence at SIAST, spoken word poet and writer
Karon Shmon - editor and writer from Gabriel Dumont Institute
Deborah Lee - writer and librarian from the University of Saskatchewan

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